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Why Steam Was Created

Gabe hate seems to be all the rage, so here you go:


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Rocks. . .

Original source:

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Top 5 Party Games

5. Guitar Hero

This is the party game phenomenon of the mellennium. If you have not heard of this game, leave your cave every once in a while.

4. Mario Kart

Games like Gran Turismo will never be a hit at a party, however Mario Kart is. The secret: red/green/blue shells, mushrooms, just to give it an arcadey feel. These power ups allow even the last place racer to have a chance at scoring (. . . a win), but isn’t that what we go to a party for?

3. Halo(LAN/Local Multiplayer)

A game should also have entertainment value for spectators, thus in essence, a player watching can still have fun. Halo provides enough action for anyone to enjoy, and it is not uncommon to hear your friends screaming where your friend ‘Bob’ is thus thwarting his efforts to assassinate you.

2. Super Smash Bros

Cooperation and interaction between players is needed in a party game, and quick but exciting turns are also needed. A game of super smash bros may only last a few minutes, but those are so intense they must feel like an hour. Either way, this allows many people to play this awesome game and enjoy every moment they have with it.

1. Rock Band

Team-based play in party games is common and often a necessity, and playing in a band fulfills this condition. It also allows you and your friends to see what may have been if you did form that band in highschool.

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What movie did this come from?

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Top 5 Game Developers

What Makes a good game developer. . . Well, I have to say that consistency plays a major role in how successful a game will be.  Other important factors that determine how good a Developer is, are innovation, and bang for you buck. For example, say i get a hypothetical game X. If this game is exactly the same as another game i already own Y, there is very little bang for my buck. Without further ado, my top 5 game developers are:

5. Rockstar

Yes, Rock-star, the only developer that had the balls to make a game out of crime, beating up prostitutes, massacring gangs, and beating up prostitutes. They are the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series, which is unanimously the most controversial series ever created, The Warriors, an amazing brawler, and Table Tennis, a game which made Ping Pong fun.

4. Squaresoft (Now called Square-Enix)

Yee, the creators of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest in the same house. AWESOME. Or it should be in theory. So far this gen, Squenix has not put out a quality game, and the latest review for FF 13 is less than promising. However they were great separately and last gen.

3. Sucker Punch

Sukerpunch made one of the most under-rated and under-appreciated platformers of the last generation, sly cooper. I mean, it had platforming, sneaking, and stealing stuff from guards and vaults. . . How could life get any better. But apperantly, not enough people bought the series, and thus a Sly 4 seems unlikely. (Sly is my favorite Series ever). This dev started all over this gen with Infamous, the PS3’s fastest selling new IP. Infamous was an awesome game, and Infamous 2 will only improve on Infamous’ shortcomings and strong points. Its nice to see Sukerpunch have one of their many quality games sell very well.

2. Epic Games

Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. . . Need I say more?

1. Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog, yes the legendary developer of the Jak and Daxter series, the second best platforming series of the last gen (after Ratchet and Clank). However unlike Insomniac, ND proved that they could excel in multiple genres. Wait. . . not only excel, but be the industry leaders. Yes, I am talking about the Uncharted series. They combined fun puzzles with awe-inspiring gun play. Naughty Dog, Masters of Many Trades.

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5 Worst Games this Generation

Well. . . they might not actually be very bad, they may have been hyped up and didnt live up *cough*haze*cough*. They will be ranked on a ‘Wasted Money’ scale. This measures on a scale of 1-10, how much of a waste of money said game was. They are in no particular order

5. Haze

Yeah i=I know, the above picture looks cool, that’s why it was called a “Halo Killer” by PlayStation 3 faboys, Haze was a massive dissapointment. It had many glitches, and last-gen graphics.

Wasted Money Scale: 9 (Many FPS much better, out even then)


Lair, a game where you ride a huge badass dragon and fly killing people, how could you screw something soo good on paper up. So much potential, game journalists were drooling over this game, however the PlayStation 3 did not have a killer app back then, thus this game was rushed. Hopefully a Lair 2 using the new PS3 Arc will live up to the massive potential of this game.

Wasted Money Scale: 10 (Bad Atrocious Controls, which were only fixed a while ago through a patch)

Too Human

Yee, I have 2 PS3 games, so this is for you fanboys. Too Human was one of the most hyped up Xbox 360 exclusives of all time.  This game was glitchy and frusterating.  Too Human was under development for 10 years, and with all that time this games was still a flop. Once again massive potential wasted.

Wasted Money Scale: 6 (Still was kinda good. . . for a while)

Far Cry 2

Yes i know, it  has realistic fire. This was on the top of my want list, and the developers tried to deliever a quality good. The beginning was just bad.  After the most boring taxi journey ever conceived, you’re thrusted into this beautiful FPS and away you go, with the exhilaration of exploration and sandbox gameplay. This game had some good ideas, but let me give you an example of how they don’t work in actual gameplay. You have to read a map and drive a jeep. If you have played this game you know how frustrating it can be. Not to mention if you hit a rock, or a poor zebra you can damage your car and have to fix it with your magic wrench, which can apperently fix any problem ever, get back inside and drive off speedily while getting shot at by some random guys, that i am ‘secretly’ working for, that respawn every five minutes. Oh and if you don’t have your own vehicle, go wait for the bus. Yeah, the bus, in the middle of the desert.

Wasted Money Scale: 8 (See Haze. . . with a bit more effort)

Fallout 3

Yeah, my lists will never be complete without a flame war inducing pick. Well, Fallout is a good game,  someone could even say it was worth their money with all the side quests. Everyone who says this has obviously forgot about Oblivion. Yes, Oblivion, my favorite game ever. All Fallout seemed to me was an Oblivion with a post-apocalyptic skin, better lock-picking, less side quests, and no guilds. I mean C’mon the best quests in Oblivion were the Thieves guild quests and the Dark Brotherhood quests. Thus, I can sleep well at night when i say, Fallout 3 was a waste of money

Wasted Money Scale: 5 (was too alike to Oblivion)

Honorable Mentions:

Assassin’s Creed (Great potential, bad execution. . . fixed in AC2)

Killzone 2 (Too much hype, good game)

Halo 3 (See Killzone 2)

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Famitsu Review of Final Fantasy 13 just came out with their review of Final Fantasy 13 and ended up giving it a 39/40. That is pretty good, but knowing Famitsu, it may just be a paid off review, as Haze got a 34/40.

Reviewer 1: 10/10 – Beautiful graphics and excellent story.

Reviewer 2: 9/10 – Combat damage visuals meant this reviewer had trouble seeing the display.

Reviewer 3: 10/10 – Many cinematic moments.

Reviewer 4: 10/10 – Beautiful visuals.

Thank you for the Translation, Google Translator, don’t know what I would do without you.

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Tony Hawk Says Ride is Fun, its no news that people thought that Tony Hawk Ride would fail, but its astonishing just how badly it failed. With a metacritic of 48, and with no steller game released in Hawk’s franchise since Underground, it may be time for Hawk to call it quits. Unfortunately for us, he defends his game saying:

“I know that (RIDE) is super fun, and I think there’s a misconception that I just stick my name on a game, I brought this idea to Activision, and I saw it through, I’ve been playing it every step of the way and I am very proud of it.” Well for the skateboarding craving ill just stick with EA’s Skate from now on. I know cause my character in Ride went through a building multiple times and couldn’t get out

Hawk defends RIDE [Sudbury Star]

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Quantum Theory Going Multi-Plat!!

Yesterday Tecmo announced that it’s upcoming  third-person shooter Quantum Theory will be a multiplatform release. Until now, this was considered a ps3 exclusive, which could rival the XBox’s Gears of War. This is only the latest of a long list of former ps3 exclusives which have turned multiplat. A Few examples are GTA4, DMC4, and FF13. However, this game has not seemed like it would stand out so this news would have flied under the radar in the last generation. However, with this generations fanboys, the so called ‘XBots’ will be all over this. All that can be certain is that once it is released, both versions of the game will be examined to see which version is the best.

Its expected release date is Spring of 2010

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A Few Graph Comics

well i was rejected by my school newspaper, so here you go and give me some feedback on how you like them. Sorry they are in black and white, the paper wanted them in that format

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